“Very often the focus of a leader and a congregation determines their destiny.  Too often the focus is on self-preservation rather than living into one’s faith with courage, hope, and desire to be on mission with God.” – Eddie Hammett

When God saved us and called us into a leadership role, most likely we embraced it and entered into it with singleness of heart, a laser focus, and immeasurable passion.  It was our aim, purpose, and goal to change the world by being on mission with Jesus.  However, in our efforts to do so, if we’re not careful, we’ll succumb to a very subtle tactic of the devil that I call: Leadership Drift.  We are not doing anything wrong or bad.  We are not caught up in some immoral scandal.  We simply allowed the focus of our leadership to drift from its original purpose – to self-preservation.  Instead of leading our followers into meaningful, exciting, life-changing ministry, our goal shifts to making sure our name is still on the church sign come Monday morning. (Or that we’re still the head of some ministry.)

Guys, I realize there has to be some element of self-preservation in every ministry.  However, when it becomes the goal – it’s time to check up!  Until God changes the focus of your ministry, be very careful not to stop dancing with the one who brought you to the dance!

God called you to lead.  He gave you a passion to lead.  He gave you a people to lead.  He gave purpose to your leadership.  So, bless God – LEAD!  As Lee Iacocca said, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way!”

Gentlemen, it’s about leadership – not self-preservation!  So, please don’t be guilt of Leadership Drift.  Again, until God changes your partner – keep dancing with the one who brought you to the dance!

I encourage you to be the leader God called you to be!

Brother Aaron