For most of you, this weekend will be one of the busiest on your church calendar.  It will be filled with Easter Egg Hunts, Sunrise services, cantatas, and of course, the formal Sunday morning worship service on this, the highest of all Christian holidays: Easter.  (Or Resurrection Sunday)  Undoubtedly, you will have people in attendance this Sunday that you won’t see any other time of the year.  Now, guys, if we’re honest, we sometimes have a problem with this.  We look at them and wonder where they’ve been all year and our tendency is to scold them for not attending more often.  This reminds me of my momma when she was in the nursing home.  I would visit her often, but not as often as she wanted.  She would spend a great deal of the time I was with her scolding me for not being with her more often.  I would reply, “But momma, I’m here now!”  To which she would respond, “But you don’t come see me enough!”  To which I would repeat, “But momma, I’m here now!”

So, what is my encouraging word to you today?  Don’t waste the Lord’s time this Sunday scolding those who haven’t attended all year.  Instead, realize they are there now!  Dote over them.  Treat them as your special quests.  Show them the love of Christ.  And above all, share the Good News of Easter with them in a loving, non-judgmental way:  He arose.  He arose.  Hallelujah, Christ arose!