In life all of us have a course to run.  We have a starting point, an in-between point, and an ending point.  And the cold hard reality is that in this life none of us are permanent fixtures.

My greatest desire, as I believe yours should be, is to finish well.  Understanding and plotting the course isn’t enough.  We actually have to stay on course as we run our course.

One of the greatest tactics of our adversary is to do everything within his power to cause us to drift off course.  However, we must remember that our destiny/destination is a place we must choose to go on purpose.  We cannot drift there!

In the sky there is a thing known as the jet stream.  If a plane flying from New York to Tel Aviv, Israel is pushed off course by the jet stream, just “one-degree north” for the duration of the flight, it will end up in Moscow, Russia instead of Tel Aviv.  It will miss its destination by 1, 644 miles! All because the navigator allowed the plane to drift and made NO COURSE CORRECTIONS!

As pastors, our course has been plotted.  Our journey has started.  The forces of evil are attempting to push us off course.  My encouraging word to you today is, don’t fail to evaluate where you are in light of where you are going, and to make the necessary course corrections!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

Boys, I hope you preach good Sunday!

Brother Aaron