I was teaching a lesson recently for the leadership mentoring groups I facilitate about the importance of “boundaries.” I used a jigsaw puzzle for an object lesson.  I literally dumped a thousand piece puzzle on the table and instructed them to do the best they could putting it together.  I then left the room without giving them the box top with the picture or anything else that would help them.  Ten minutes later, when I returned, they had begun identifying and segregating the border pieces.  (All border pieces have a flat side.)  Their thought was that you identify the boundaries first and then work on assembling the picture.  What a novel thought!  The picture must be assembled within the defined boundaries.  As we were discussing the importance of boundaries one of the young men spoke up and said, “Boundaries don’t confine – they define!”

Guys, we live in a world in which the abnormal has become normal!  There has never been a time in my life when the boundaries of our faith and behavior need to be more clearly defined than today.  And it starts in the pulpit!  As one of my preacher buddies says, “If there is confusion in the pew, there’s fog in the pulpit!

My encouraging word to you today is simply this:  Don’t be afraid to clearly define the boundaries of faith and behavior to your people.  Remember, boundaries won’t confine you or your church – they’ll define you!

I prayed for you today!  And I hope you preach good Sunday.  Let ‘er rip, Tater Chip!  Brother Aaron